Tom Canete


Tom Canete has been New Jersey’s first choice in winter services for over 38 years. These award-winning services evolved from humble beginnings. He would spend his snow days as a kid shoveling snow for his neighbors and newspaper route customers, working from early morning until the street lights came on. While other kids were playing in the snow, Tom was driven to find more profitable ways to grow his fledgling business during his time off from school.

As Tom grew older, his passion turned to building the business into a series of service offerings designed to provide snow removal, lawn care, landscaping and property maintenance. By the time Tom was in college at Rutgers, he had six full-time employees working for his growing company.

Tom’s vision was to develop his brand by providing the most comprehensive and highest quality service offerings of any Northern New Jersey competitor. With this in mind, he began to develop a management team consisting of highly-qualified individuals all driven to provide unparalled services in every area of the business. Tom has developed the most efficient and operationally superior snow fighting team in his market. He can boast his award-winning landscape design and construction company, as well as Canete Garden Center, are considered the best in the industry.

Innovation has been the driving force behind everything at Canete. Finding uniquely designed and efficient technologies and practices makes Canete the best-in-class in all areas.

Tom has always known having the best services in the industry is not good enough. He knows he must control operational and overhead costs to assure his offerings provide his customers the best value and quality possible.

Canete Snow Management took part in a historic event at MetLife Stadium during Super Bowl XLVII, the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl ever. This massive task was to clear an 80,000-seat facility requiring a work force of up to 500 people on site, sometimes with little notice. This may seem daunting to some, but not for Tom. He took it on as an opportunity to prove his organization was up to the challenge and to showcase his team, processes and technology. It demonstrated his ability to ramp up to handle any opportunity.

Tom’s award-winning solutions have made him a nationally-known expert, speaking on snow removal practices and snow management philosophies. His pursuit of best-in-class status will never be satisfied but Tom enjoys the challenge.

Awarded Leadership Award 2014

by Snow Magazine